How To Autotrade Forex

September 7, 2012


3 Methods To Autotrade Forex

The world of forex is huge, and extremely exciting, but can also be fairly intimidating for those initial venturing in for the first time. This is where it’s really useful to sign up for an autotrade opportunity.

There are many services on the web that offer this kind of service, some better than others. There are really three main approaches to autotrading forex:

Forex Robots

This is a method whereby software automatically tends to make all trading choices according to a certain formula like scalping, swing trading or trend trading. You can have the software to your own pc, which means that it must be on, connected and operating 24 hours each day. Or you can base the robot on a Virtual Platform, which you log into whenever you want. The robot runs totally automatically for 24 hours without interruption. This method has the least quantity of human input – you simply set the software program up, link it for your account, and let it run.

Neighborhood Based Autotrading

A method whereby genuine human traders make the trading choices. You are able to log in to the system, and do your research to find the most successful trader. You can then select to have that trader’s signals applied for your broker account. The method is totally anonymous  the trader does not know that you’ve selected him. If his method goes bad, you simply drop him and pick someone else. or you can spread your danger by getting your account traded by several traders which you have picked for yourself. This method has a moderate ampount of user input, a user has complete control over the selection of signal providers, and can alter them at any time. As soon as a trading method has been selected and applied, the account is traded automatically.

User Controlled Forex Robot

In this system, the robot picks the trades, and the user selects the trades in which he wishes to participate. This method requires the most user input and attention, simply because the user should be connected and on-line in order to make timely decisions on picks generated by the robot.

Autotrading forex is a useful option for all those who lack the knowledge or experience in forex trading, or for all those who do not have the time to devote to adequate technical evaluation or to monitor the news and globe events. Selecting the correct approach and the greatest method needs research into results and performance, also an understanding to the systems and strategies involved.

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