Pivot Point

June 13, 2013


What Is The Pivot Point In Forex Trading System

The pivot point Forex trading method is a technique used in forecasting the movement of currencies within the foreign exchange market. Generally, pivot points refer to mathematically calculated locations of price assistance and resistance. And, the pivot point strategy make use of trend hypotheses to the pivot points to forecast the path the market is likely to take.

For instance, if EUR/USD closing price of 1.562 is beneath a price typical of 1.565, and the previous days close was also 1.565. This implies that todays closing price has moved lower than the pivot points where support is formed around the prices moving average. In the event you want to trade this drop through the pivot point, you would probably enter a sell order on the currency pair.

The Pivot Point Is Beneficial For Trading Currencies

The pivot point Forex trading system is a very advantageous technique for trading currencies. Importantly, it provides traders with an concept on spotting lucrative trading opportunities. The pivot point Forex trading method gives a mathematically derived sense of order so as to assist traders in understanding exactly where to place their trades in the market.

To put plainly, it helps in recognizing patterns as well as price movements in order for traders to create lucrative decisions faster. In most instances, those patterns are drops and rises beneath and above significant price areas. These price areas may be pivot points, support levels, or resistance levels. When utilized in trading, traders usually watch the price movement all through the day and execute trades according to the indications offered by the pivot point system. Although the pivot point system is primarily used for trading currencies in the short-term, it may also be used for identifying long-term trade opportunities.

Calculating Pivot Point

Several techniques are available for calculating pivot points. One of the simplest techniques is called the Average Price Technique. It involves calculating the previous days average price by adding the high, low, and close prices. And, the outcome is then divided by 3 to find the average. When this technique is used for trading, traders usually look if the subsequent days price moves above or below this level to be able to establish a pivot point and identify potential trade possibilities.

As a conclusion, the pivot point Forex trading system is a useful strategy for trading currencies. Nonetheless, just like any other strategy, it should by no means be used in isolation. If combined with other strategies such as basic analysis, Pivot Point could be very profitable.

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